December 2016


The area in Pavilion Road is soon to house a traditional butcher, fine wine shop, bakery, greengrocer and cheesemonger.

All shops will be open by the end of the year.

“We spent over a year actively seeking the right ‘artisans’ who would become part of the community – small, independently run shops that deliver a richer experience and enhance Chelsea’s village feel,” said Hugh Seaborn, CEO of Cadogan.

“We had clear direction of residents’ desires for shops that serve local people, so we deliberately sought leaders in their field to meet these requirements. Pavilion Road is already home to some of the best independent fashion and beauty operators, and with an exciting restaurant soon to be announced, these new additions will add further vibrancy and character to the area.”

The development comes as part of Cadogan’s stewardship of the area and the estate’s place-making strategy, which looks to maintain and continually enhance Chelsea as one of the world’s best places in which to live, shop, visit and work.

Nash Bond are letting agents for the Pavilion Road scheme.

By Jennifer Hardwick, Property Week